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WIDA's Featured Educator is a monthly feature article that highlights classroom, district, or state-level educators who are making a difference in the lives of multilingual learners. Nominate an outstanding colleague today!

Marco ALE: Un nuevo recurso para enlazar los programas lingüísticos del español e inglés

January 10, 2022

En este artículo por Esther Bettney, socia en el equipo de programas internacionales de WIDA, explora cómo el Marco ALE de WIDA Español puede enlazar los programas del español e inglés de las escuelas bilingües y al mismo tiempo promover el bilingüismo de los estudiantes.

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Featured Educators’ go-to resources and tools

January 7, 2022

Browse this list of Featured Educator-recommended apps, websites and strategies that help you build students’ language skills, have fun in the classroom, collaborate with colleagues and stay connected with other educators.

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WIDA Voices from the Field: Creating a culture of shared responsibility in teacher education

January 3, 2022

Chris Leider, assistant professor of applied linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston, describes two systemic challenges in teacher preparation and how the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition, can be used to address them.

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December 2021 Featured Educators: WIDA Fellows on creating powerful learning environments

December 14, 2021

In this edition of Featured Educator, we share highlights from the 2021 WIDA eConference session, “Creating Powerful Learning Environments: A WIDA Fellows Panel Discussion.” During the session, some of the WIDA Fellows talked about the important lessons they learned this year and how they find and create joy in the classroom.

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News Release: WIDA received $2.6 million to develop professional learning for rural educators of multilingual learners

December 14, 2021

WIDA received a $2.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to launch Project RESPECT, a program that will help rural K-8 teachers provide effective and equitable literacy instruction for multilingual learners.

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These are a few of your favorite WIDA things, 2021 style

December 9, 2021

As this calendar year ends, let’s take a quick peek at the WIDA topics, resources or pieces of research that you and your colleagues clicked on most in 2021.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know: ACCESS for ELLs

November 29, 2021

Are you new to ACCESS for ELLs? Have you administered an ACCESS for ELLs test before but can’t remember where to find things like training, test prep and test materials? Look no further than this brief reference to all things ACCESS for ELLs (and, seriously, we will try to keep it brief because we know you don’t have time to look at one more thing).

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Conversations with Tim: Preserving indigenous languages and cultures

November 19, 2021

In this edition of Conversations with Tim, Tim talks to Anton Treuer, an author and professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University. Together, Tim and Anton discuss the importance of preserving indigenous languages and cultures.

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Conversations with Tim: Serving underserved and undervalued students

November 3, 2021

In this edition of Conversations with Tim, Tim talks to Carl Grant, a professor in the UW-Madison School of Education. Together, they talk about multicultural and antiracist education, and how to support underserved and undervalued students.

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ICYMI: 2021 WIDA eConference Session Highlights

October 22, 2021

In case you missed it (ICYMI) live, we highlight some of the themes, chat box happenings and TIL (today I learned) takeaways from a selection of 2021 WIDA eConference sessions. Plus, we tell you how to find the session recordings.

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