QuickStart Guide for Preparing Students for ACCESS Online


QuickStart Guide for Preparing Students for ACCESS Online

1. Review WIDA’s advice on how to prepare your students for ACCESS Online.

Looking for a place to start preparing students for ACCESS Online? Look no further! The ACCESS for ELLs Online document has general tips and domain-specific information to help you ease students into testing.

Also, view our ACCESS Writing Test Tips document to learn more about how to prepare your students for the Writing domain.

2. If the format of the Online Speaking test is new or unfamiliar to students, get them talking by using our grade-level, cluster-specific tools!

These pre-testing guides have classroom tools and instructional methods educators can use to work with students in preparation for the Speaking test.

3. Play the Test Demo for groups of students on a SMART Board or projector.

A test demo for each grade-level cluster shows students how to navigate different features of the test.

Test Demo

4. Walk through Sample Items using suggested scripts as students follow along.

The Online Sample Items User Guide includes suggested scripting to help you explain testing features to students. This gives them a chance to practice answering questions. You can modify the scripting to fit the needs of your students.

Paper-based Writing Sample Items


5. Have students take some practice tests prior to testing day.

A practice test is embedded prior to the start of the online test. It allows students a chance to get comfortable with the test format before their official test session.

Test Practice