Kindergarten W-APT

The Kindergarten WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (Kindergarten W-APT) is an English language proficiency screener given to incoming Kindergarteners to identify English language learners (ELLs). The Kindergarten W-APT is available at no cost WIDA International School Consortium members.

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Purpose and Use

Kindergarten W-APT can assist educators in making decisions about whether incoming Kindergarteners would benefit from English language support services. The Kindergarten W-APT does not assign scores across the full range of WIDA English Language Proficiency Levels 1-6. Instead, scores for Speaking and Listening are marked as showing low, mid, high, or exceptional proficiency. Scoring details can be found in the Kindergarten W-APT Test Administration Manual and on the scoring sheets.


Listening and Speaking Tests should be taken by students entering:

  • Pre-Kindergarten

  • 1st semester Kindergarten

Reading and Writing tests (in addition to Listening and Speaking tests) should only be taken by students entering:

  • 2nd semester Kindergarten

  • 1st semester Grade 1

Test Preparation and Administration

WIDA International School Consortium members can find resources to prepare for and administer Kindergarten W-APT on the WIDA International Secure Portal.

Test Administration Time

Time does not include convening students, material distribution or directions.

30 minutes total test time