Kindergarten W-APT

The Kindergarten WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (Kindergarten W-APT) is an English language proficiency screener given to incoming Kindergarteners to identify English language learners (ELLs). The Kindergarten W-APT is available at no cost to WIDA Consortium and WIDA International School Consortium members.

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Purpose and Use

Kindergarten W-APT can assist educators in making decisions about whether incoming Kindergarteners would benefit from English language support services. The Kindergarten W-APT does not assign scores across the full range of WIDA English Language Proficiency Levels 1-6. Instead, scores for Speaking and Listening are marked as showing low, mid, high, or exceptional proficiency. Scoring details can be found in the Kindergarten W-APT Test Administration Manual and on the scoring sheets.


Listening and Speaking Tests should be taken by students entering:

  • Pre-Kindergarten

  • 1st semester Kindergarten

Reading and Writing tests (in addition to Listening and Speaking tests) should only be taken by students entering:

  • 2nd semester Kindergarten

  • 1st semester Grade 1

While WIDA provides this general guidance, please consult state policy for specific guidelines on which domains to administer.

Test Preparation and Administration

WIDA provides resources in the WIDA Secure Portal to help educators prepare for and administer Kindergarten W-APT. Tests must be carefully scheduled to make sure students have enough time, space and resources needed for the assessment.

WIDA Secure Portal Login

If you are a first-time Test Administrator (TA) or District Test Coordinator (DTC), please visit your state’s member page for state-specific instructions on how to get your account set up. If you are a returning TA or DTC and you are having trouble signing in to the WIDA Secure Portal, please contact the WIDA Client Services Center (see below).

Test Administration Time

Time does not include convening students, material distribution or directions.

30 minutes total test time

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Get resources specific to your state

State-specific contact information and additional testing resources for WIDA Consortium members.

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