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Sept 18 2018: Updated ACCESS Training Tutorials Available

2018-19 Training Tutorials

The 2018-19 ACCESS for ELLs training tutorials are now available in the WIDA Secure Portal behind the Paper-Based Grades 1-12 and Online Grades 1-12 tiles.

Supplemental Training and Infographic for Speaking Domain (ACCESS for ELLs Paper)

Sept 18 2018: Technology Documents in WIDA AMS and WIDA Secure Portal

The following technology documents have been updated for the 2018-19 administration: 

  • Technology Readiness Checklist for WIDA Online Assessments
  • Technology User Guide
  • Supported System Requirements for ACCESS for ELLs and Screener
  • Windows Quick Reference
  • Mac Quick Reference
  • ACCESS for ELLs Headset Specifications
  • ACCESS for ELLs Online Test Administrator Troubleshooting Tips
  • TSM Decision Guide
  • Configuring a Mega TSM

These documents are posted in WIDA AMS. Links to these documents are found in the WIDA Secure Portal behind the Technology Coordinators tile.

Sept 6 2018: ACCESS for ELLs Manuals Available

The 2018-19 ACCESS for ELLs Manuals are now available for download. The Test Administrator Manual and the District and School Test Coordinator Manual are available in the WIDA Secure Portal in the Download Library. The Accessibility and Accommodations Supplement is available on the Accessibility and Accommodations page.

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