International Professional Learning

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Meet your growth needs, learn your way

WIDA professional learning supports international educators through:

  • Building foundational knowledge and skills
  • Diving into advanced topics
  • Exploring school-wide systems

Choose the professional learning pathway that best serves your needs. Below you’ll find information about getting started, going deeper or building capacity.

Get Started: Build Foundational Knowledge and Skills

Professional learning offerings that provide an introduction to the components and use of the WIDA Standards and Assessment System.

WIDA Institute

A comprehensive introduction to using WIDA as a system. The four-day WIDA Institute builds classroom practices through an in-depth introduction to WIDA assessments and the WIDA Standards Framework. WIDA International Institutes are open enrollment opportunities for schools and educators who are starting their WIDA journey.

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WIDA Foundational Workshops

One-day or two-day on-site introduction for educators from a single school. These workshops help introduce a particular topic to your whole faculty, on site at your school. Foundational Workshops available to WIDA international Consortium member schools include the following:

  • Introduction to WIDA Standards
  • Differentiation for Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Purposeful Lesson Planning for English Language Learners
  • WIDA Screener: Paper Test Administration
  • WIDA MODEL: Paper or online Test Administration

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Go Deeper: Advanced Topics

Professional learnings offerings for member schools that focus on targeted instructional practices or school systems to support multilingual learners.

WIDA Symposium

A two-day network-based inquiry into current research, new tools and school-wide systems. Use improvement science principles to design, build and test new tools together with other schools in the WIDA network. (Open Enrollment)

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WIDA Workshop

Advanced professional learning on a specific topic for individuals or teams. (Open Enrollment)

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WIDA International School Consortium

A member-based community of accredited, PreK-12 international schools that use WIDA’s research-based standards and assessments.

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WIDA International Newsletter

Read about the latest research, program updates and global professional learning opportunities from WIDA as well as news from our member schools.

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WIDA Annual Conference

WIDA is proud to host the largest conference dedicated to educators of PreK-12 English language learners.

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Teaching Internationally

Learn how WIDA serves multilingual students, and how educators around the world use WIDA to improve teaching and learning.