Interpreting ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports for Instruction (Full Day)

The ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports provide specific information on students' academic English language proficiency. During this workshop, participants will explore how the WIDA Standards and Assessment System is connected to the ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports. Participants will examine the different types and uses of score reports. They will also make connections between the students’ proficiency scores and WIDA Performance Definitions.


This workshop is designed for EL educators, K-12 educators, administrators, and EL coordinators with students who have been administered one of the ACCESS for ELLs suite of assessments in grades K-12.

Participants will be able to 

  • Explain the purpose of ACCESS for ELLs
  • Identify the differences in the types of ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports and their uses
  • Describe considerations and methods for disseminating information contained in the score reports
  • Expose the academic language connection between score reports and WIDA Performance Definitions
  • Recognize how to use the score reports in collaborative conversations to inform language development

Event information

Full Day
50 Participants Maximum