Professional Learning

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A variety of professional learning opportunities to support your growth as educators of multilingual learners

Whether you are an ESL/bilingual teacher, high school principal, or a first year teacher at an international school, WIDA can meet your needs.

WIDA professional learning offerings:

  • Build on participants’ current knowledge and skills and leverage the collective knowledge of the group
  • Reflect the belief that professional learning is most effective when it focuses on teaching and learning in context

WIDA strives to ensure that all educators have the knowledge and resources they need. Together we can create schools and classrooms where multilingual learners are actively engaged in meaning-making to develop language and support academic achievement.

The following learning event formats are designed for K-12 educators working in U.S. states and territories. They are available as site-based, online and open-enrollment opportunities.

    Professional Learning Event Formats


    Workshops are face-to-face professional learning offerings that can be purchased by a school or district. A WIDA facilitator will come to your school(s) or district and engage participants in relevant and research-based teaching and learning practices that support multilingual learners.


    These online learning opportunities:

    • Are delivered via webinars and modules, and include online resources
    • Can be self-paced or led in real-time by a WIDA facilitator
    • Can be combined with workshops to create a blended learning opportunity
    • Engage participants in instructional practices that support meaning-making to develop language
    • Include teaching and learning practices that support multilingual learners

    Training of Trainers (ToTs)

    ToTs prepare school- or district-based professional developers, teacher leaders and coaches to deliver WIDA learning opportunities. ToT events provide participants with a professional learning curriculum for their school or district. The professional learning curriculum includes a facilitation kit, presentation slides, trainer notes, and participant guides and handouts.


    Academies are short-term, open-enrollment professional learning events for K-12 educators. Educators from around the country come together with a WIDA facilitator to engage in:

    • Instructional practices that support meaning-making to develop language
    • Teaching and learning practices that support multilingual learners

    Professional Learning By Audience

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    U.S.-Based Professional Learning

    Learning opportunities for K-12 educators centered on the WIDA Standards and Assessment System, offered in online, in-person and blended formats.

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    WIDA Early Years Professional Learning

    Specialized learning opportunities for early care and education (ECE) practitioners, coaches and program leaders.

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    International Professional Learning

    Online and in-person offerings build capacity for international schools to learn to use WIDA resources as a system to serve multilingual learners.

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    WIDA Español Professional Learning

    In-person offerings focused on instruction, curriculum and assessment of multilingual learners and Spanish language development.

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    Featured Educator

    "WIDA has also helped me with content and language objectives. WIDA gives us all the tools, data, and knowledge to really look at our specific student needs, see where they are right now and what we need to aim for in their development-what their next level is and how to scaffold to that next level."

    Donna Hallock, ESL Teacher
    Naalehu, Hawaii

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