Taking Action for ELLs: Foundational Concepts

Taking Action for ELLs: Foundational Concepts has been designed to allow educators to explore based on their interests and learning style. Participants will build their awareness of ELLs, explore the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, and take action in their classrooms. 


This module engages educators with an beginning level of awareness of WIDA and/or English language development, including:

  • Individual educators
  • Educators working as a team in their school or district
  • Coaches or district PD facilitators who could create blended learning or dialogue around educating ELLs

Module Topics

Topic 1: Building Awareness of Your ELLs

Topic 2: Use of Language for Academic Purposes

Topic 3: Integrating Content and Language

Event information

Professional learning modules are available free to Consortium members via the WIDA Secure Portal.