Classroom Action Research: Equity for Multilingual Learners

Equity for Multilingual Learners (MLs) requires teachers to create culturally and linguistically responsive learning environments and facilitate rigorous learning that is appropriately supported. The purpose of this workshop is for teachers to engage in an action research process in order to enhance equitable opportunities for MLs. Specific topics addressed will include action planning for equity as well as pedagogical practices focused on exploring how to enhance their equitable instructional practices.

    Teachers will work to positively impact outcomes for MLs through a shift in their practice using standards for equitable pedagogy. Participants will engage in the entire action research cycle over multiple sessions. To support engagement in that cycle, they will also consider classroom examples, interact with colleagues, collaboratively analyze classroom-based evidence of change in practice, and have time for discussion and reflection.


    This workshop is designed for teams, pairs, or individual content and language teachers. Experience in using the WIDA Standards Framework is helpful but not needed for this workshop.

    Participants will be able to

    • Identify equitable teaching and learning practices
    • Collaborate to create, evaluate, and revise an action plan
    • Describe how they engage(d) in action research to promote equity

    Event information

    Two Days (spread out across 4-6 weeks)
    35 Participants Maximum
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