Differentiation for Linguistically Diverse Students

English language learners need instruction that is differentiated to meet the needs unique to learning an additional language and grade appropriate content. Participants will approach the idea of differentiation of language from an asset-based perspective, recognizing that language learners bring many contributions to the school community. Participants will collaborate to customize instruction for ELLs utilizing the WIDA ELD framework. While planning, participants will have time to reflect on how to create productive struggle in a safe learning environment.

During the workshop, participants will be engaged in:

  • Defining the four types of differentiation
  • Developing a student portrait or resume
  • Identifying student language differentiation needs and supports based on proficiency levels
  • Exploring and summarizing the WIDA Focus on Differentation Bulletin
  • Identifying strategies that incorporate all four language domains
  • Applying their learning to personal teaching and learning contexts


Morning Session

  • Introduction & Logistics
  • Establish a common understanding of differentiation
  • Know your students: Where do I start?
  • Cultural & Linguistic Assets: Develop a student portrait or resume
  • Utilizing the WIDA Performance Definitions for Differentiation

Afternoon Session

  • Scaffolds and Supports
  • Examine the WIDA Focus on Differentiation Bulletin
  • Balancing Domains: Strategies that incorporate all four language domains
  • Action Planning
  • Closing

Event information

March 17 - 18, 2020
Madison, WI