Educator Collaboration to Support Multilingual Learners

Note: This workshop will not be available after June 30, 2021.

This workshop provides an overview of collaborative methods and structures for instruction and assessment. Utilizing WIDA tools, participants will explore and discuss language development meaning making through language use, the Four C’s of Collaboration, and collaborative structures that support shared responsibility of multilingual learners. Teams will leave the workshop with access to tools and resources necessary for implementing collaborative structures at their site around the needs of their multilingual learners.


This workshop is designed for educators with diverse roles to attend in teams from their school or district.

Participants will be able to

  • Build on the linguistic, experiential, cultural, and socio-emotional assets of multilingual learners
  • Develop a shared understanding of how academic language develops in a variety of program models
  • Explore key steps and strategies for co-planning and using assessment data
  • Develop instructional plans to meet the individual needs of multilingual learners

Event information

Two Days
35 Participant Maximum

Interested in bringing this workshop to your school or district?