Formative Language Assessment

This workshop explores formative assessment practices that focus students’ and teachers’ attention on English language development within the context of subject-area classrooms. The purpose is to prepare participants to incorporate new formative language assessment practices into their educational contexts.

Through reading, observation, discussions and professional reflection, participants will be prepared to:

  • Describe students and their learning over time using asset-based language
  • Identify relevant formative assessment practices that advance content learning and language development
  • Leverage learner roles within disciplinary practices to create opportunities for purposeful language use
  • Develop learning goals and success criteria that support content learning and language development
  • Design learning tasks that elicit purposeful language use related to success criteria
  • Use routines that elicit evidence of learning to inform feedback


Day 1

  • Student Assets for Learning
  • Formative Assessment Practices
  • Learner Roles within Disciplinary Practices

Day 2

  • Learning Goals, Success Criteria, & Language Use
  • Evidence of Purposeful Language Use
  • Evidence to inform Formative Feedback
  • Action Plan

Event information

April 22 - 23, 2020
Madison, WI