Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs Test Administrator Training

This training is designed for test administrators of the Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs. During this training test administrators will explore how the WIDA Standards and Assessment System is connected to Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs in its unique test design.

Participants will learn to administer and score the Kindergarten ACCESS assessment. Participants are encouraged to bring WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten kits to the training, if possible.


    This training is designed for Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs test administrators.

    Participants will be able to

    • Discuss the features of Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs
    • Describe the training requirements and preparation
    • Identify how the WIDA Accessibility and Accommodations Framework applies to Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs
    • Explain test administration and scoring by domains
      • Listening and Speaking
      • Writing
      • Reading
    • Describe the process of test materials management

    This is not a replacement for the training course in the WIDA Secure Portal, which is required to administer the assessment.

    Event information

    55 Participants Maximum
    Interested in bringing this training to your school or district?