School Improvement Planning for Multilingual Learners

This eWorkshop will introduce school leaders to leadership principles and practices to provide equitable educational opportunities for multilingual learners, based on a distributive leadership model. During the eWorkshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore effective leadership practices that aim to a) create and maintain an inclusive, school-wide learning environment focused on multilingual learners; b) promote effective instructional practices for multilingual learners; c) leverage multiple resources and build capacity for staff to meet the needs of multilingual learners; and d) collaborate with families and the local community to enact school improvement solutions.

Videos, readings, opportunities for reflection as well as suggestions and resources for team planning activities are included. At the end of the eWorkshop, participants will be introduced to the WIDA SIS, an online school improvement assessment tool that can be utilized in the school improvement process to prioritize learning opportunities for multilingual learners.

Format: All materials will be housed in the WIDA eLearning Center, which can be accessed by participants with a WIDA Secure Portal login.

Time to Complete: 6-8 hours

Audience: K-12 school leaders and their team who engage in school improvement planning in a linguistically diverse context

This offering is in development; content subject to change.

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