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Comprehensive Support

Complete support from a leading research center – from standards and instruction to assessments and professional learning

Proven, Research-Based Resources

Thoroughly researched tools and services, proven in the field and developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a top institution of higher learning in the field of education


Educators and leaders in the field collaborate with WIDA to develop meaningful, practical tools and resources


The most widely-used language standards, assessments, professional learning and educator resources for multilingual learners


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January 2016 Featured Educator: Erica Jimenez

"One of my biggest goals is for people to not view bilingual students as having a deficiency, but rather as having a strength, or even something above and beyond what other kids have. It is an asset to be bilingual."

WIDA Consortia and Programs

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WIDA Consortium

The WIDA Consortium is made up of 39 U.S. states and territories dedicated to the research, design and implementation of a high-quality, standards-based system for PreK-12 English language learners.

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WIDA International School Consortium

A global network of schools using WIDA resources and assessments to support multilingual learners.

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WIDA Early Years

A developmentally sound framework for supporting and instructing multilingual children from ages 2.5-5.5 years.

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WIDA Español

A framework for supporting Spanish language development in Pre-K through Grade 12 programs.

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Use WIDA tools and resources in your state or district 

WIDA tools and resources can complement your existing system of supporting multilingual learners.