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Image removed.Why did you start using WIDA?

We started using the MODEL in Nov 2012 as an end of semester assessment to replace the MAC II. We moderated the writing component by testing all of the Elementary students from grades 1-5 and readjusted our exit benchmarks accordingly. We were looking for a way to access EAL learners that would be consistent across year levels and would be recognized by other schools. We chose the MODEL as an external validated assessment to help us confirm our professional judgement about what we know of our learners, inform our teaching and support data collected from the classroom.

Currently, WIDA MODEL is being used for three purposes:

  1. An admissions assessment; 
  2. A way to monitor student progress;
  3. And, as a factor in determining when a student is ready to be exited from the EAL program.

Over the past 3 years, we have begun to incorporate more of the Can Do descriptors and WIDA rubrics to help track student progress and inform reporting. We hope to continue to build on our data collection and start to create projections for student growth.

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