Each month Fatima answers hundreds of questions from educators around the world. Feel free to email international@wida.us to get help or ask about WIDA resources, assessments or professional learning opportunities. Here are some common questions we’ve been asked recently:

Where are the training materials for WIDA MODEL Online?

The training materials for WIDA MODEL Online are located in the Test Administrator Interface. Sign in to MODEL Online. After signing in, click on Training tab in the menu bar, and then open the Training Materials.

Where can I learn more about the resources WIDA has for educators?

The WIDA website has information about WIDA and our origins, as well as links to research and resources such as:

I would like to purchase WIDA materials. How do I do so?

WIDA assessments are available to member schools that are part of the WIDA International School Consortium. To apply for membership to the International Consortium, please fill out our membership application. Once your application is approved and you become a member, we'll send your materials.