Ask Fatima: End of year checklist for WIDA schools

This month, Fatima provides information on how teachers and administrators can prepare for next school year.

Before the end of this academic year, how do I know my school is on track and we are current with our International School Consortium membership?

Teachers and administrators are entering the end of the academic school year. To understand where you are with WIDA assessments, your schools’ membership, and ways to stay connected with WIDA, we encourage you to review the following checklist.

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  • Test security
    • All WIDA assessments are considered secure. It is important to take measures to maintain confidentiality of all testing materials. Place any printed or downloaded testing material in locked storage.
  • Update contact information
    • Help your new colleagues access WIDA resources and assessments and start the new school year ready to discover what your students can do. Please update contact names or email addresses so your school will continue to receive important membership updates and reminders.
    • Use the same form to keep your school contact information current – you don't want to miss out on WIDA membership resources or benefits.
  • Consider summer professional learning
    • Participate in the 8-week WIDA Virtual Institute, an introduction to the WIDA Standards and Assessment System. This virtual course is a first step in learning how WIDA resources, including the WIDA English Language Development Standards, 2020 Edition, work together to support multilingual students and their teachers.

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