Ask Fatima: Professional Learning and Research at WIDA

This month Fatima answers questions about international online learning and WIDA Focus Bulletins. 

What online professional learning opportunities are available to international schools?

WIDA International School Consortium member schools have access to a variety of WIDA eLearning opportunities, available at no additional cost.  These can be used as individual, self-paced learning or explored together with colleagues as part of a Professional Learning Community. Log in to the International Secure Portal to access the following eLearning courses

  • Taking Action for ELLs: Foundational Concepts is a linear presentation for educators to build their awareness of ELLs, explore the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, and take action in your classroom.
  • Engaging ELLs: Teaching to Student Strengths allows exploration based on your interests and learning style. You will create a student portrait to help leverage students' interests, strengths, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds to support language development and academic success.
  • WIDA Screener Training course for familiarizing test administrators with administering the test.

Interested in connecting research to practice?

WIDA Focus Bulletins connect research to classroom tools in an easy-to-read format.  Covering a variety of topics, they can be used for individual study or for discussion with a Professional Learning Community of colleagues at your school. Each of these is available as a free download from the WIDA site: