Ask Fatima: Translated WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development

This month, Fatima provides information on the translated WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development.

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What WIDA resources are available for educators to share with colleagues and families about language development?

The WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development exemplify WIDA’s overarching foundational beliefs and ever-present Can Do Philosophy. They summarize current research to guide educators in planning and delivering instruction, leveraging the assets of multilingual learners and supporting them in meeting rigorous, grade-level academic content standards. The WIDA ELD Standards Framework team developed an illustrated version of the Guiding Principles because these research-based concepts and foundational beliefs provide powerful insights into the learning process.

The illustrated guiding principles booklet brings each of the 10 principles to life and can be used by educators to guide their conversations with parents, families and community members about the ideas behind the WIDA Guiding Principles. The illustrated booklet is currently available in English, with additional translated versions coming in 2022.

The WIDA Guiding Principles are currently available in 14 languages:

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