Ask Fatima: WIDA All Year Long

This month, Fatima answers questions about WIDA All Year Long.

How should I use WIDA All Year Long?

WIDA All Year Long is a powerful tool that shows how educators can integrate language and content learning and build on what multilingual learners can do. Follow Mr. Vega, an English as an additional language (EAL) teacher, and one of his multilingual students, Sophia, on a learning journey over the course of a school year. Throughout the year Mr. Vega collaborates with colleagues and parents to support multilingual learners.

This simple and practical tool embeds WIDA resources in a narrative framework to illustrate how an asset-based approach can serve teachers, students and families. Mr. Vega focuses on what his students can do, using WIDA resources to collaborate and plan effective learning activities.

Watch the video introducing WIDA All Year Long and view or download WIDA All Year Long.

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