Ask Fatima: WIDA Assessments and Professional Learning

This month Fatima explains the difference between WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL, as well as highlighting a professional learning opportunity.

What is the difference between the WIDA Screener and the WIDA MODEL assessments?

The WIDA Screener is a new assessment used by schools for admissions, intake and placement of multilingual learners. The WIDA Screener should only be administered once per student, in the beginning of the school year or when the student first arrives at the school.

The WIDA MODEL assessment is used to monitor progress, as one data point for ongoing placement or exit decisions. WIDA MODEL can be administered up to twice per year, often at the midpoint and again towards the end of the academic school year.

Is there a Professional Learning event non-consortium members can attend?

Non-consortium members are welcome to attend a WIDA Institute. This four-day introductory professional learning event is especially helpful for understanding how WIDA resources and assessments work together to support learning and teaching, as well as to learn from international or bilingual teachers from other schools. If you are interested in attending the Madison Institute, we recommend registering very soon as capacity is limited.