Ask Fatima: WIDA Institute vs. WIDA Virtual Institute

This month Fatima compares WIDA international institutes.

What's the difference between face-to-face institutes and the WIDA Virtual Institute?

In both the face-to-face and online format, the WIDA International Institute is a comprehensive introduction to the WIDA Standards and Assessment System. It is the first step in learning how WIDA resources, including the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition, work together to support multilingual students and their teachers. Educators can choose to participate in two different formats:

  • At an in-person WIDA Institute, attendees have the opportunity to learn about WIDA assessments and instructional tools. Participants can also network with other international teachers and share strategies for serving multilingual learners in international schools.
  • The WIDA Virtual Institute is a self-paced and immersive online learning experience that is built around the WIDA All Year Long narrative. This course is estimated to take 15-20 hours, including both on-screen interactions and offline personal reflection and action planning.

In case you missed it...

In January Fatima answered questions about mid-year testing with WIDA MODEL.

Which WIDA assessment can we use for mid-year testing?

WIDA MODEL is a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment that can be used for mid-year testing, depending on the needs of the school. It measures students’ developing English language skills in the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The information obtained from the assessment is helpful in monitoring student progress over time. WIDA MODEL (Grades 1-12) is available in both online and paper formats. WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten is available only as a paper-based test.

Where are the training materials for WIDA MODEL Online?

The training materials for the WIDA MODEL Online assessment are located in the Test Administrator Interface. To access this information:

  1. Sign in to MODEL Online using your MODEL login credentials.
  2. Click on the Training tab in the menu bar.
  3. Open the Training Materials.

Where are the training materials for WIDA MODEL Paper?

Training materials for WIDA MODEL Paper are included with the test administrator kits either in a CD or in flash drive format.

In December Fatima compares WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL

How do WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL assessments compare?

The WIDA Screener and the WIDA MODEL are English language proficiency assessments that assess the four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. These assessments are built on a foundation of the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards. The WIDA Screener and MODEL are on-demand assessments, as they are flexible in scheduling and administering. An important feature to consider is being able to print a summarized report that can be shared with parents.

WIDA Screener is an assessment used by schools for admissions, intake and placement of multilingual learners. WIDA Screener should only be administered once, either at the beginning of the school year or when the student first arrives at the school. Educators use proficiency level scores to plan differentiated levels of support for their multilingual learners.

WIDA MODEL is used to monitor progress. MODEL can be administered up to twice per year per student. It is often administered at the midpoint and again towards the end of the academic school year. Proficiency level scores can be used with the Can Do Descriptors and the ELD Standards Framework to help teachers plan instruction for their students.

For more information about WIDA assessments, please visit the Choosing an Assessment page.

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