This month, Fatima answers questions about international schools using WIDA MODEL.

How is WIDA MODEL used in the international school context?

WIDA MODEL is used by international schools for different purposes. This includes deciding whether students need English language support services, deciding which classes to place students in, supporting decisions to end services, or determining whether students are making progress in learning the English language.

What do international schools like the most about WIDA MODEL?

Previous surveys have indicated that international educators appreciate the WIDA MODEL test design, format, and usefulness of scores. For test design and format, international educators like having an assessment that can be used across all grade levels. Educators appreciate having the option to administer WIDA MODEL Online to grades 1-12; the test design of the online assessment reduces teacher burden as test administrators only score the Speaking and Writing domain tests. The assessment also provides a consistent way of understanding students’ English language proficiency and growth and a coherent school-wide assessment system. Lastly, WIDA MODEL scores help teachers target areas of improvement for students, which, in turn, informs instruction.

Can the WIDA MODEL assessment be used for mid-year testing?

Yes. WIDA MODEL is a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment that can be used once or twice per year, depending on the needs of the school. It measures students’ developing English language skills in the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The data obtained from the assessment is helpful in monitoring student progress over time. WIDA MODEL (grades 1-12) is available in both online and paper formats. WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten is available only as a paper-based test.

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