Ask Fatima: WIDA MODEL Online

This month Fatima answers questions about the WIDA MODEL Online assessment.

What is WIDA MODEL Online?

MODEL Online is an English language development assessment that is administered face-to-face using a laptop or tablet for images and audio. Students interact with test items, and the trained test administrator scores the assessment locally in real-time in order to provide an enhanced testing experience.

What are the advantages of MODEL online format over the paper-based test?

MODEL Online:

  • Allows for larger group administrations of Listening, Writing and Reading tests
  • Eliminates the need for ordering and managing printed materials
  • Calculates scores automatically, and provides a variety of score reports

After I purchase MODEL Online, how long do I have to wait before I can administer the test?

After your invoice has been verified as paid, you will receive your login information to the MODEL Online interface. As soon as you receive this login information, you can begin using your WIDA MODEL assessments.

With WIDA MODEL Online, how are grade clusters packaged?

WIDA MODEL Online is sold in sets of 15 test administrations. Each administration allows you to give the online test to one student in any of the grade clusters. In other words, you do not need to purchase separate sets for each grade cluster. Online administration allows you to test any student in Grades 1-12.