Ask Fatima: WIDA Screener and Professional Learning

This month Fatima answers questions about the WIDA Screener assessment and upcoming Professional Learning.  Do you have a questions about WIDA resources, assessments or Professional Learning? Send your question to Fatima at

We are interested in using the WIDA Screener, what is the cost and length of training?

The WIDA Screener is available in paper format and international schools use it for admissions screening or initial placement decisions. Before administering the WIDA Screener, the Test Administrator completes the training course included with membership in the International School Consortium.  This self-paced course takes from 3 to 5 hours to complete and includes two quizzes that must be passed with an 80% or higher.

The cost of the WIDA Screener depends on the needs of your school. There are several purchasing options available, ranging from complete kits including all materials needed through specialized replacement components. Kits are available for specific grade clusters, or spanning all available grades. Information about each complete kit or component part can be found in the WIDA store.

Where can I find information about upcoming professional learning events?

Visit the International Professional Learning page for an overview of the many types of professional learning events available around the globe.

You can also view individual event pages for specific dates and locations.

  • Institutes: A comprehensive introduction to using WIDA as a system.  Suitable for teachers and administrators who are new to WIDA, or who are curious about how WIDA can support multilingual students at their schools.
  • Symposia: A network-based inquiry into current research, new tools and school-wide systems. Suitable for educators at member schools who already have a firm foundation with WIDA resources and assessments.
  • Workshops: Professional learning around a specific topic or resource. Workshops are available to educators at WIDA International School Consortium member schools.
  • eLearning: Online introduction to teaching multilingual learners or using WIDA resources.  Available to all members of the WIDA International School Consortium.