Attention #WIDA social media followers!

WIDA has changed its social media handle on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

The following are the new WIDA social media handles: 

Twitter: @WIDA_UW
Facebook: @WIDA.UW
LinkedIn: @WIDA-UW

Why the change? At WIDA, we are proud to be part of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. WIDA has grown over the years and we want to be representative of all that we offer. We strive to provide multilingual learners – of all ages and all levels of language development, in programs and classrooms around the world – with an equitable opportunity to obtain a quality education that leverages their assets. We do this through the products and services offered by the WIDA Consortium, WIDA Early Years, WIDA Español and the WIDA International School Consortium.  

If you currently follow us on any of these social media platforms, there is no need to make any change, your account will continue to follow our new handle. If you would like to tag us on a Twitter post, remember to use the new handle and tag @WIDA_UW! We also encourage you to use the hashtag #WIDAGlobal.

What else is new with WIDA social media?

WIDA launched Instagram this fall to showcase the illustrations, graphics and resources that WIDA has to offer.

WIDA has two new Facebook groups:

Look for #WIDAStories from #WIDAGlobal. In these social media posts, past WIDA Focus School stories are shared on social media. For example, International School Nido de Aguilas was featured this month on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.