Conferences and professional learning

WIDA participates in many conferences and professional learning events around the world. Join us virtually at a number of events dedicated to leading the field in working with multilingual learners.

Upcoming featured professional learning opportunities

Free Summer Webinar: Discover What Your Multilingual Learner Can Do
This free summer webinar “Introduction to WIDA, the Global Network” will introduce international and independent schools to WIDA. As a university-based research center, WIDA supports a global network of more than 500 international schools with assessments, instructional resources and professional learning to help schools to build capacity for serving multilingual learners through an asset-based approach. WIDA supports member schools in integrating language and literacy into all subject areas and promotes collaboration to ensure all teachers take responsibility for all students. WIDA is also committed to equity and social justice; it is a critical component of our work.

Join a session to learn more about how WIDA focuses on both academic language development and academic achievement for culturally and linguistically diverse students. The webinar will also include time for Q&A so please feel free to submit any questions in advance.

Meeting Dates and Times

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UW-Madison learning opportunities for WIDA member schools

We are pleased to share these events offered by the University of Wisconsin–Madison office of Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE).  Readers of the WIDA International Newsletter will receive a 20% discount – just use the code “WIDA” at registration.

Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute

  • Weeklong sessions begin June 21, 2021, and continue throughout the summer | Online
  • Work together with educators from across the United States to brush up on the latest curricular updates from the College Board, share practices, and strengthen your AP course.

Foundations of Student-Centered Instructional Coaching

  • July 11–August 14, 2021 | Online
  • This is the first of four courses in the fully-online Student-Centered Instructional Coaching Certificate Program where current and aspiring coaches engage in dialogue and job-embedded professional development to ground their coaching work in student evidence and further refine coaching practices.

Coalition for Leading Anti-Racist Schools

  • July 26–29, 2021, and SY 2021–22 | Online
  • The Coalition for Leading Anti-Racist Schools is an invitation to instructional leaders around the world who are committed to learning, asking questions when they don’t know, and engaging in tough, meaningful conversations focused on equity and anti-racism.

Math Equity Project

  • August 2–6, 2021, and SY 2021–22 | Online
  • In this K-12 professional learning course, participants will collaborate as a professional community of math educators to investigate, experience, and implement research-based teaching practices that promote equity in math education.

Play Make Learn Conference

  • August 5–6, 2021 | Online
  • The Play Make Learn Conference promotes high-quality learning opportunities for educators, researchers, developers, designers, foundation leaders, policy makers, museum and library professionals, and school leaders who are dedicated to promoting making, gaming, and playful learning.

Building the Social-Emotional Learning or SEL Classroom

  • Seven self-paced, asynchronous modules are available upon registration beginning in August 2021 | Online 
  • Educators know that the best instruction considers the needs of the whole child and includes social and emotional development. Building the Social-Emotional Learning or SEL Classroom supports teachers to integrate the concepts of SEL into their everyday teaching.

Additional learning opportunities

WIDA continues to partner with global and regional organizations to provide opportunities to reconnect with former colleagues, meet new friends and expand your personal learning network. 

  • WIDA @ Conferences: A list of upcoming events with partner organizations such as LTRC, ML Summit and AIELOC.

Whether you are looking for an introduction, or a deep dive into advanced topics, WIDA international professional learning opportunities are available. 

  • WIDA Institute: A comprehensive introduction to WIDA resources and assessments, offered virtually and face-to-face
  • WIDA Symposium: The next steps in building capacity and improving your school-wide systems
  • WIDA Workshops: A deep dive into a variety of defined topics, offered virtually and face-to-face
  • Distance Teaching and Learning: Micro-Offerings from WIDA Professional Learning, as well as a list of other helpful resources for distance learning
  • WIDA International Secure Portal: Contains eLearning modules and videos from recorded conference presentations