International Newsletter: December 2020

WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition available this week!

It’s coming! The WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition: Kindergarten-Grade 12 will be available December 18, 2020. This updated, comprehensive edition is centered on equity and fosters the assets, contributions, and potential of multilingual learners. With this edition, WIDA continues to break new ground to advance the field of language development in support of disciplinary learning.

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WIDA All Year Long: December

In August we introduced Mr. Vega, an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher and one of his multilingual students, Sophia, on a learning journey over the course of a school year. Find out what Mr. Vega is doing in December.

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Voices from the Field: Maximizing Virtual Collaboration

In the December Voices from the Field series, international colleagues from Colegio Roosevelt in Peru share their experiences with maximizing virtual collaboration: one of the Five Things We CAN DO to support multilingual learners during remote learning.

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In WIDA News: December 2020

Interested in WIDA news and events beyond the international news? Visit the News page for articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators regardless of location.

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WIDA resources and research: December 2020

To support multilingual students and educators, WIDA provides resources and research on a range of topics. See what’s new, review what you might have missed, or have a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

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(re)Tweet of the month: December 2020

Read, retweet and follow global colleagues.

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Spotlight: Kate S. McCleary

Kate S. McCleary is the Associate Director of the Global Engagement Office (GEO) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a friend of WIDA.

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Ask Fatima: Comparing WIDA assessments

This month Fatima compares WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL.

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Focus School: Australian International School, Singapore

AIS (Australian International School) Singapore is a K-12 school with 2600+ students in total, approximately 20% being ELL.  AIS became a& WIDA International School Consortium member school in 2016. Prior to this, AIS had been using school-developed placement tools for eight years, and prior to that the MAC II assessment. The initial attraction of the WIDA system was the clearly articulated language progression for ELL students, aligned with the academic language expectations at various stages of schooling. A great function of the WIDA assessments is the use of year level appropriate academic language across key learning areas. Additionally, the support WIDA provides for teachers when planning for ‘scaffolding up’ was viewed as a major attraction over other test and placement-only based systems.

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Welcome International Consortium members: December 2020

Please welcome the following schools who joined, or renewed memberships with, the WIDA International School Consortium last month.

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WIDA eSummit recordings available in International Secure Portal

The WIDA International School Consortium has updated the WIDA International Secure Portal to include additional member resources and expanded eLearning opportunities.

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Global outreach: Conferences and professional learning

WIDA participates in many conferences and professional learning events around the world. Join us virtually at a number of events dedicated to leading the field in working with multilingual learners.

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Become a WIDA Focus School

Tell us about the ways WIDA has helped your school discover what your learners can do. Send a message to to nominate your school – or a colleague’s – to become a Focus School for an upcoming issue of the WIDA International Newsletter.