International Newsletter: December 2022

Start the new year with the WIDA Virtual Institute

Looking for a virtual learning opportunity? Add the WIDA Virtual Institute to your 2023 to-do list! This WIDA professional learning opportunity is a first step in learning how WIDA assessments and resources work together to support multilingual students and their teachers.

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Article spotlight: Let’s Talk About the EAL Fee

Jon Nordmeyer, WIDA International Programs director, recently authored an article in The International Educator (TIE) in which he argues that understanding the implications of English as additional language fees (EAL fees) for students, teachers, classrooms, and overall equity helps us move toward improving this system.

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Where will #WIDAGlobal be in 2023?

WIDA supports global and regional conferences with keynote speakers, workshop presentations and sponsorships. Join us at a future conference this coming year to connect with WIDA while expanding your network.

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A look back at the 2022 WIDA Focus Schools

Each month, we have the honor of featuring a WIDA International School Consortium member as a WIDA Focus School. As 2022 comes to a close, we look back at excerpts from each focus school profile.

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Spotlight: Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE)

Meet the staff at Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE), housed in UW-Madison's School of Education, who support the logistics of WIDA international professional learning.

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Ask Fatima: What WIDA Deep Dive webinars were featured in the series in 2022?

This month, Fatima answers questions about the WIDA Deep Dive webinars and provides recording links to selected webinar sessions.

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In WIDA News: December 2022

Interested in WIDA news and events beyond the international newsletter? Visit the News page for articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators, regardless of location.

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WIDA resources and research: December 2022

To support multilingual students and educators, WIDA provides resources and research on a range of topics. See what’s new, review what you might have missed, or have a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

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(re)Tweet of the month: December 2022

Read, retweet and follow global colleagues.

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Welcome International School Consortium members: December 2022

Please welcome the following schools who joined, or renewed memberships with, the WIDA International School Consortium last month.

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Conferences and professional learning 

WIDA participates in many conferences and professional learning events around the world. Join us virtually at a number of events dedicated to leading the field in working with multilingual learners. 

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