Educator input on the new WIDA Virtual Institute

What are participants saying about the new WIDA Virtual Institute? Learn more about how the Virtual Institute is going so far and why you might want to be one of the many educators around the world engaging in this remote learning opportunity.

The WIDA Virtual Institute is underway, and we have received some wonderful feedback from general education, English as an additional language (EAL), and world language teachers as well as instructional coaches, counselors and administrators!

Over the course of eight weeks, educators from varying roles have engaged with the Virtual Institute and have found it useful for learning about how WIDA assessments and resources work as a system to support multilingual learners. Although the Virtual Institute is intended for educators who are new to WIDA, we have found that educators with a wide range of experience with WIDA have found the Virtual Institute to be useful; especially Module 3, which is focused on the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework.

One participant said, “My understanding of the ELD standards and how to use them to support students across all classes is one of the most potentially beneficial ideas I have come across in a long time. Meeting with other teachers to discuss how we support ELLs has been a challenge and seeing concrete ways to map language goals onto existing content goals will help motivate all of us to work together more efficiently.”

Educators from all over the world have participated in the Virtual Institute independently or as a member of a locally facilitated school-based cohort. By participating as a school-based cohort, educators have found it useful to build a common understanding of WIDA assessments and resources and how they can be implemented in their specific contexts.

One educator who participated in such a cohort, said, “The time to work with other members from my organization allowed for us to see how we could practically apply the things we were learning.”

However, even if you are not participating with a cohort, there are ample opportunities for you to process and contextualize the information on your own. As one educator wrote in their feedback, “The first steps/next steps activities at the end of [the] modules forced me to really think about how to implement the concepts I learned and take action to effectively help my ELLs in the classroom.”

So far, a vast majority of the Virtual Institute participants would invite you to join them in this remote learning opportunity. To learn more and register, please visit the International Institutes webpage. If you are interested in leading a locally facilitated school-based cohort, please contact  to learn more about the requirements and the benefits.