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The WIDA Institute: Discover what your learners can do!

Join this valuable four-day introduction for teachers new to WIDA. The Institute is designed for EAL teachers, content teachers or administrators who want to learn more about how WIDA serves teachers and students, beyond just the test. Learn about how powerful instructional tools such as the WIDA Can Do Descriptors can leverage assessment data to help teachers differentiate lessons and scaffold learning for multilingual students.

I now have a plan for administering WIDA and intend to share with classroom teachers how they can use the Standards to help with planning their instruction for our ELLS.” –Participant at Seoul WIDA institute, November 2018

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  • Sao Paulo, February 13-16 – early bird deadline November 28 (save $100)
  • Singapore, February 21-24 – early bird deadline November 28 (save $100)
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