Focus School: Canadian International School, Bangalore

The Canadian International School began its WIDA journey this academic year (2019-20). The implementation of WIDA was part of a complete overhaul of the EAL program at the school, that included placing an EAL teacher for early childhood classes, and one EAL teacher for each grade level 1-8. Additional support for English language learners (ELL) is also given to high school students.

The current EAL model includes an “English as a World Language” class that ELLs take while other students learn other world languages, like Mandarin or Spanish. The 11 member EAL team push into their respective grade level classrooms to support ELL and all students in language learning within the classroom context. The use of the WIDA language function and support function materials has played a key role in designing Language Objectives for these Co-taught classes.

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