Focus School: NCIC Immersion School

Years of experience with WIDA assessments and resources by the founder and founding director of NCIC Immersion made it an easy decision to add WIDA to the school’s resources. The can do philosophy, standards, Can Do descriptors, as well as the WIDA MODEL have offered needed support as we serve our students. As a dual language-dual culture school, most of our students are language learners.

“As a school where our students are learning in two languages, WIDA has been helpful in providing data that we’ve been able to use to make decisions about how and what we differentiate so that we can better support our students,” said Y J Ku.

We have just over 400 students who are learning in two languages: Chinese and English and we are committed to their bilingual and bi-literate development. WIDA’s comprehensive focus gives us insights about how students interact with language throughout the day in the four domains, and across disciplines.

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