Foundations of Student-Centered Coaching at UW-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to announce open registration for Student-Centered Instructional Coaching Certificate Program.

This Certificate Program, developed in conjunction with Diane Sweeney​, consists of ​four courses, varying in length from five to 10 weeks​, and is completely online. Participants share what they are learning in their coursework and in their professional contexts while interacting with fellow course participants and instructors. With participants all over the world, ​there are typically one or two virtual meeting opportunities during each course. ​

​The Student-Centered Instructional Coaching Certificate ​Program includes the four courses below that must be taken in the order listed. Participants may choose to register for non-credit for $1000 per course or for three Special Students graduate-level credits for $1500 per course. 

  • Foundations of Student-Centered Coaching will be offered from July 5, 2020 to August 8, 2020. Registration is currently open.
  • Assessment Analysis and Instructional Decision-Making is offered in the fall and is an 8-week course.
  • Organizational Change and Student-Centered Coaching is offered in the spring and is a 6-week course.
  • The Practicum for Student-Centered Coaching is offered in the fall and is a 10-week course.

Additionally, ​the course Instructional Coaching in the Content Areas ​is available for those looking to expand their understanding and application ​of instructional coaching in the content areas of math and literacy. This course will run from April 5 to May 2, 2020, and registration is currently open.

Visit the PLACE website for additional instructional coaching opportunities. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Sandra at