Global Conferences: October Updates

WIDA will be at several conferences during the 2019-2020 school year. Visit our WIDA @ Conferences page to learn about opportunities to reconnect with former colleagues, meet new friends and expand your personal learning network.

International Conferences

In September, WIDA visited new conferences in India and Mexico. The opportunity to connect with educators was appreciated. While Jon Nordmeyer visited the TAISI conference in Bangalore, Marian Castro was in Monterrey.  Read what Mariana had to say about her experience:

Woman standing by sign that says WIDA Helping your support multilingual learners, table in the foreground with books
Mariana Castro at the TriAssociation Conference

"Muchas gracias! This was my first Tri-Association conference and I was impressed by the quality of the conference as well as the many amazing educators I got a chance to meet. The Tri-Association community was very welcoming and inspiring. It was exciting to experience your enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in education and to multilingualism. I appreciated learning about the innovative and varied ways in which you are making these ideas a reality in your schools. I also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss academic language, multilingual development, teacher collaboration and an asset-based approach to working with multilingual children and youth. ¡Gracias Monterrey!"

  • RISS (RtI for International Schools Summit)
    • October 25-27: Singapore, Singapore
    • Invited Speaker: Jon Nordmeyer
  • EARCOS Leadership (East Asia Regional Council of Schools)
    • October 31-Nov 2: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
    • Special Presenter: Jon Nordmeyer
      • Assessing English Language Learners: Turning Data into Action
      • Collaboration to Support Multilingual Learners: NCPA and WIDA, with co-presenters Patrick Kane and Christine Palumbo
  • AISA (Association of International Schools in Africa)
    • November 21-23, 2019: Capetown, South Africa
    • WIDA Exhibitor: Fatima Rivera
  • New Directions (British Council)
    • December 8-9, 2019: Yokohama, Japan
    • WIDA Presenters: Tim Boals, Mark Chapman and Alicia Kim
      • Making Identification and Placement Decisions for K-12 English Learners in US Public Schools