Improve the Science of Teaching Multilingual Students

As described in the April newsletter, Prof. Joshua K. Hartshorne (Boston College) is collaborating with WIDA to identify schools that are passionate about supporting their multilingual students. They have begun working with schools in the WIDA International School Consortium and are looking to partner with additional schools. 

It is abundantly clear that students’ experiences learning English as a Second Language depends a great deal on their first language. Mandarin-speakers, Spanish-speakers, and Russian-speakers all face different challenges and opportunities. However, the science behind what these challenges are and why they happen is surprisingly murky, complicating any efforts to improve educational practice. The goal of this study is to de-murk the science, and your help is needed.

Sample school report for schools participating in studyTeacher time commitment is low: all you do is share de-identified WIDA MODEL scores along with basic demographic information: age, gender, parents’ languages. There will be no personally identifiable data exchanged, and no direct contact between students and researchers. In return, you'll be provided with a report about how students in your school are faring relative to peer schools (see example report). Prof. Hartshorne will be happy to speak with parent or educator groups if you have questions. 

Prof. Hartshorne and his team are asking for schools to provide data by October 1, however if you are interested in participating, please fill out this short form now to express your interest.

For more information, please email