International Professional Learning Reflections: December 2019

In November we finished another inspiring round of WIDA Institutes in Korea and UAE. As part of our commitment to service, WIDA uses feedback from participants as an essential step in ensuring that International Professional Learning opportunities are practical and effective. Recent participant feedback indicates that many who attended would recommend the WIDA Institute as a place to build a supportive professional community and a foundation with WIDA tools and resources to support multilingual learners.

One theme that echoes constantly throughout Institute feedback is the reminder that all teachers are language teachers. We are all – classroom teachers, content teachers, EAL specialists, special education teachers, literacy coaches, administrators, etc. – language teachers. All educators in a school learning community are responsible for the academic and linguistic development of the multilingual learners at their schools.

Why might you consider attending a WIDA Institute? Read what past participants have to say:

“This platform is so helpful for every content teacher, language teacher and administrator to understand that we are all language teachers and we should collaborate to support student learning!”

“We can use these assessments and the resources that WIDA provides to scaffold learning for our students and create an understanding that we are all language teachers.”

“Educators know of WIDA as an assessment tool only. But as we learnt, it is much more than that, and really helps in planning instruction, assessing and reflecting on students’ language development.”