International Newsletter: June 2022

The face-to-face WIDA Institute is back!

We invite you to join us in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin to network and learn more about how WIDA assessments and resources can be used to highlight and build on what your multilingual students can do.

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What do we mean when we say opportunity to learn and equity for multilingual learners?

In this opinion piece, Tim Boals, WIDA founder and director, gives his perspective on what it takes to make sure that multilingual students encounter opportunities to learn and experience equality in the classroom. Tim rounds out his message with a list of 12 elements that school programs should have to ensure that multilingual learners thrive.

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Understanding the WIDA ELD Standards Framework: professional learning at your fingertips all summer long

Are you looking to accelerate your understanding of the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework?

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Spotlight: Alexandra Gustad and Marija Buralieva

This month, we continue our Spotlight series featuring our WIDA Global Community of Practice Community Gardeners.

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Ask Fatima: WIDA member schools end-of-year checklist

This month, Fatima provides information to teachers and administrators about preparing for the next school year.

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Focus school: Avenues São Paulo

Read about Avenues São Paulo and its staff’s journey implementing WIDA resources and assessments while celebrating student learning.

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In WIDA News: June 2022

Interested in WIDA news and events beyond the international news? Visit the WIDA News page for articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators, regardless of location.

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WIDA resources and research: June 2022

To support multilingual students and educators, WIDA provides resources and research on a range of topics. See what’s new, review what you might have missed, or have a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

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(re)Tweet of the month: June 2022

Read, retweet and follow global colleagues.

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Welcome International School Consortium members: June 2022

Please welcome the following schools who joined, or renewed memberships with, the WIDA International School Consortium last month.

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Conferences and professional learning

WIDA participates in many conferences and professional learning events around the world. Join us virtually at a number of events dedicated to leading the field in working with multilingual learners.

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