Looking for real-time proficiency level measurement? Try WIDA MODEL Online!

If you need additional data about your English learners, WIDA MODEL Online is the gold standard for measuring progress of English language development growth.

Screenshot of the WIDA MODEL Online log in

It's a great tool that includes the following value added benefits:

  • WIDA MODEL offers flexibility to administer testing at any time throughout the year
  • Local administration and scoring of WIDA MODEL Online provides immediate results to enhance classroom instruction
  • WIDA MODEL Online contains new test items that have been reviewed by international educators to reduce bias and sensitivity for international students

We encourage educators to sample the new test content for themselves. Members of the WIDA International School Consortium receive five complimentary WIDA MODEL Online student administrations with your initial membership.

Please contact us at international@wida.us if you have questions about WIDA MODEL or your membership account.