Several WIDA MODEL Online documents have been updated with changes and are now available in the WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator Interface (TAI). The updates include modified document titles, as well as minor content additions.

Below is a more detailed overview of the December 2021 WIDA MODEL Online documentation updates.

Updates to WIDA MODEL Online training documentation

  • Test Administration Manual for WIDA MODEL Online: Based on feedback from MODEL users, the Test Administration Manual has been updated for clarity and consistency with other WIDA MODEL Online documents. In addition, a description of the district-level report for WIDA MODEL Online has been added.
  • User’s Guide to the Test Administrator Interface (TAI) for WIDA MODEL Online: Two notable additions to this document have been made. More precise explanations of the Intro and Tutorial test forms have been added, and administrators are now reminded to remove unadministered test forms before editing student information in the TAI. Before updating a student’s grade or location in the TAI, always make sure to first remove unadministered test forms.
  • Getting Started Guide: Formerly known as a “Quick Start Guide”, the WIDA MODEL Online Getting Started Guide has been reformatted to better help new users find and make the most of MODEL Online resources.
  • Speaking and Writing Rubrics: Formerly known as “Speaking Rubric of the WIDA Consortium” and “Writing Rubric of the WIDA Consortium”, the WIDA MODEL Speaking and Writing rubrics are now called “WIDA MODEL Speaking Rubric” and “WIDA MODEL Writing Rubric". All rubric language and content remain the same.
  • Administering and Scoring the Writing Domain Test for WIDA MODEL Online (all grade-level clusters): For each grade-level cluster, these PowerPoint slideshows train test administrators to assign accurate Writing Quick Scores and Writing Final Scores. Each slideshow now contains updated writing rubric information, as well as up-to-date information about how to enter writing scores in the MODEL TAI.

Updates to WIDA MODEL Online Report Resources

  • WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide for Score Reports Grades K-12: The WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide now includes up-to-date information about the MODEL Online Individual Score Report (ISR) and the MODEL Online district-level report. For WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten users, the Pre-K through K writing rubric has now been added to the appendix as a reference.

To learn more about WIDA MODEL and how it can support your work with multilingual learners, visit the WIDA MODEL webpage.