New and Improved WIDA Website Searching

The WIDA web team is pleased to announce that, based on significant user feedback, we have made several improvements to search functionality on the public WIDA website,

The changes, to both site search and Resource Library search, include:

Spelling corrections. For example: “discriptors” corrects to descriptors

Search term suggestions. For example: upon typing can do – can do descriptors, can do name charts, and can do philosophy are offered as options

Wildcard. For example: interp* will return results for interpret, interpretive and interpreting

Quotes for exact matches. For example: “can do descriptors” will only return results with that exact phrase​

Changes to the Resource Library include:

Spanish language Resources removed. Resource titles displayed in Spanish will no longer be included in the main Resource Library but can still be found on the Recursos page. Note that parent letters, guides and handouts translated into Spanish will still be located in the main Resource Library.

Resource Topics page. Similar to the relatively new Resource Types page, the Resource Topics page lays out each topic, the types of resources for each and a link to the filtered list by that topic.

Resource Types and Topics Buttons. Colorful button links to these two pages now appear above the filtering options on the left side of the Resource Library page.

Your feedback is valuable to us, so we hope these changes will improve your experience on the WIDA website. Stay tuned for additional improvements to the Resource Library in the fall.​