New resource: Introduction to WIDA PowerPoint

WIDA has a new suite of resources designed to help you introduce WIDA to your school.

What is WIDA? As you can see from WIDA All Year Long, and the ways Mr. Vega and his colleagues use WIDA assessments and resources, WIDA is so much more than a test. Now there are new resources available in the International Secure Portal that can be used to introduce WIDA to your school. The resources include PowerPoint slides as well as a facilitator’s guide with a sample script and helpful links.

The presentation gives more information about

  • WIDA as a system of resources and assessments
  • WIDA mission and values
  • How WIDA supports teachers and students
  • What you can do to learn more

The Introduction to WIDA PowerPoint presentation and sample script might be useful for

  • Giving administrators an overview of WIDA
  • Introducing professional development on using WIDA assessments and resources at your school
  • Introducing colleagues who are new to WIDA

We hope you will find this new WIDA tool useful at your school!