International Newsletter: November 2020

WIDA All Year Long: November

In August we introduced Mr. Vega, an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher and one of his multilingual students, Sophia, on a learning journey over the course of a school year. Find out what Mr. Vega is doing in November.

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Voices from the Field: Encourage Translanguaging

In the November Voices from the Field series, Alexandra Ritt Gustad (EAL Coordinator for Pre-K - 12, American School of Bombay) and Esther Bettney (WIDA International Project Assistant) discuss translanguaging within international school contexts.

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In WIDA News: November 2020

Interested in WIDA news and events beyond the international news? Visit the WIDA News page for articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators regardless of location.

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WIDA resources and research: November 2020

To support multilingual students and educators, WIDA provides resources and research on a range of topics. See what’s new, review what you might have missed, or have a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

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(re)Tweet of the month: November 2020

Read, retweet and follow global colleagues.

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Attention #WIDA social media followers!

WIDA has changed its social media handle on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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Spotlight: Katie Rozas Fahrenkrug and Courtney Skare

Katie Rozas Fahrenkrug and Courtney Skare are communications specialists at WIDA and lead social media efforts for their team.

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Ask Fatima: Multilingual resources

This month Fatima answers questions about finding multilingual resources.

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Focus school: International School Ho Chi Minh City - American Academy

International School Ho Chi Minh City - American Academy (ISHCMC-AA) is an American international secondary school with around 430 students and 40 teachers. Approximately 95% of our students are Vietnamese. Our teachers primarily come from the United States; while others come from the countries of Canada, South Africa, India, Colombia, Ireland, Scotland, and England. Students here span a wide range of English proficiency from beginning to native-like proficiency.

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Welcome International School Consortium members: November 2020

Please welcome the following schools who joined, or renewed memberships with, the WIDA International School Consortium last month.

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