International Newsletter: November 2021

한국어! WIDA resources in Korean

Various WIDA resources, including several for families, have been translated into Korean and are now available on the main WIDA website.

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WIDA accessibility and accommodations resources

Are you looking for WIDA accessibility and accommodations resources? Look no further than this “listicle,” which points you to accessibility and accommodations information for WIDA assessments. Plus, we share relevant WIDA research and how to stay in the know on this important topic.

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Ask Fatima: Building capacity to administer WIDA assessments

This month, Fatima offers some tips on how you can build and maintain capacity to administer WIDA assessments at your school by budgeting time for training, preparing test administrators and calibrating scores.

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Meet WIDA’s recruitment partners

WIDA continues to build partnerships with recruiting organizations and accreditation agencies to support the critical work of international educators.

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Focus School: Dulwich College Beijing

Read about the Dulwich College Beijing and their journey implementing WIDA resources and assessments while celebrating student learning.

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Spotlight: Shu Jing Yen

Shu Jing Yen is the Senior Director of Psychometrics and Quantitative Research at the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). CAL has been WIDA’s language assessment partner since 2003.

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In WIDA News: November 2021

Interested in WIDA news and events beyond the international news? Visit the News page for articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators,  regardless of location.

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WIDA resources and research: November 2021

To support multilingual students and educators, WIDA provides resources and research on a range of topics. See what’s new, review what you might have missed, or have a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

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(re)Tweet of the month: November 2021

Read, retweet and follow global colleagues.

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Welcome International School Consortium members: November 2021

Please welcome the following schools who joined, or renewed memberships with, the WIDA International School Consortium last month.

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Conferences and professional learning 

WIDA participates in many conferences and professional learning events around the world. Join us virtually at a number of events dedicated to leading the field in working with multilingual learners.

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