One-Question Survey: January

The One-Question Survey is an opportunity for WIDA to learn more about international contexts and for international educators to learn more about each other. You’ll also have the opportunity to suggest questions you’d like us to ask.

December Question: Does your school charge an extra fee for EAL/ESL services?

Among the responses received, 39% indicated that their schools charge a recurring fee for as long as the student receives support. The remaining 61% of the respondents stated that their school does not charge an additional fee for students to receive EAL/ESL support. No participants indicated that a one-time fee is charged for EAL/ESL support.

Pie chart showing 39% charge no fee and 61% charge a recurring fee for EAL services

January One-Question Survey: Does your school include library books in multiple languages?

If you have a photo of your multilingual library, please share it with us. Send your photo to Nina Lee at Include your name, the name of your school, and if this is a divisional library, please tell us which division (i.e., lower/elementary school).

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