One-Question Survey: May 2019

The One-Question Survey is an opportunity for WIDA to learn more about international contexts and for international educators to learn more about each other. Last month we asked about the percentage of teachers who are multilingual.

In April we asked, "What percentage of teachers at your current school are multilingual?"

Your responses show:

  • 10% have 1 multilingual teacher for every 5 teachers
  • 10% have 2 multilingual teachers for every 5 teachers
  • 40% have 3 multilingual teachers for every 5 teachers
  • 40% have 4 multilingual teachers for every 5 teachers

Many international schools value multilingualism and offer host country language courses for foreign-hire teachers. In fact, in some countries these language courses are required for all new teachers. A multilingual teaching staff not only models linguistic diversity as a resource, but it also helps teachers to empathize with students. Multilingual teachers recognize how to build on students’ entire linguistic repertoire as an asset for learning.

May question: How often do EAL teachers at your school meet as a K-12 team?