Spotlight: Bethany Parker and Allison Schweiger

Bethany Parker and Allison Schweiger are central leaders at WCEPS, an educational non-profit which supports educational innovations created at the University of Wisconsin. WCEPS is a key organization that supports the WIDA International School Consortium through increasing awareness and facilitating memberships.

Bethany Parker and Allison Schweiger both work at Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS). WCEPS is an educational non-profit started by friends of the UW-Madison in 2011, including Tim Boals of WIDA, to expand the reach of educational innovations created at the University of Wisconsin to educators around the world.

WCEPS and WIDA have been partners for 10 years. WCEPS was strategic in the launch of the WIDA International School Consortium in 2013. It manages the WIDA Store and serves as a close partner of the WIDA International Program, helping increase awareness and making memberships run smoothly.

profile of bethany

Bethany Parker is the director of operations at WCEPS, and has been with WCEPS for eight years. Bethany works closely with WIDA to manage the membership process and make it as seamless as possible for our educators. Bethany is the person you communicate with whenever you have questions about resources available in the WIDA Store or the International Secure Portal, or when you forget your password!

Prior to joining WCEPS, Bethany worked in higher education, advising both domestic and international students on their college and career goals. She loves that her work with WIDA allows her to support educators from around the world. She has built great relationships with many international educators and someday she'll take all of you up on your offer to meet for tea in Suzhou, Lisbon or Doha!

profile of allisonAllison Schweiger is the director of marketing at WCEPS, and has been with WCEPS for nine years. Allison remembers how international schools were interested in WIDA even before the International School Consortium was formed in 2013. International schools saw the value of the WIDA philosophy, values and assessments that highlighted the need for a WIDA global network. Allison was instrumental in building capacity for WIDA to serve international schools and has been supporting the work of the WIDA International School Consortium ever since.

Today, Allison’s role with the WIDA International Program is to help facilitate the launch of new resources and assessments for international schools, marketing for upcoming conferences, professional learning, and new resources. She also works closely with WIDA to coordinate communication, conference event sponsorship and logistics, and affiliate memberships with other leading organizations in the field.