Fatima Rivera is the WIDA International Program Coordinator. She is one of the many international and multilingual professionals working at WIDA. Fatima came from Guanajuato, Mexico at a very young age and was able to accomplish many goals. One of them was to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin.

She assists educators in the WIDA International School Consortium by coordinating program development, professional learning, and outreach across the global WIDA network. Fatima also collaborates with the WIDA Client Services Center to train colleagues in answering inquiries from international educators. Fatima has been an active member of the Social Justice Change team at WIDA for more than two years. This team sits on a multiracial, intercultural, and cross-role council to move WIDA towards a more equitable workplace. As a member of this team, Fatima has been involved in powerful and personally transformative workshops, events and sessions.

Fatima also supervises Miguel and Cha Kai, WIDA employees who are part of the Advance Employment program – a program that helps find employment for people with disabilities. She meets with them on a daily basis to go over tasks and projects that are assigned from across all WIDA departments. Fatima values the work she does with Miguel and Cha Kai, especially as they develop more independence. Fatima has also supported the University of Wisconsin ALTELLA program which provides research-based resources about English language proficiency assessment and learning for multilingual students with cognitive disabilities.

Fatima enjoys spending her free time with her family, hiking, dancing and reading books in Spanish to her nieces.