As the WIDA International School Consortium transitions to a new research center, Fatima Rivera will be the new WIDA Español coordinator.

Fatima Rivera has been a valuable member of the WIDA International Programs team for the past five years. With both patience and professionalism, Fatima has guided thousands of educators by sharing key resources, facilitating webinars and answering questions. Her expertise and responsiveness have been recognized in the Ask Fatima column, an important feature of international newsletters. WIDA is grateful for all Fatima has contributed and congratulates her on her new role as WIDA Español coordinator.

WIDA Español offers resources and professional learning for educators supporting Spanish instruction (language development and language arts) for bi/multilingual learners. Fatima will be responsible for outreach and coordination of WIDA Español events with internal and external stakeholders, will manage communication vehicles and support administrative needs of the WIDA Español program. Fatima will also manage projects within the program.

WIDA Español offers virtual professional learning offerings to support educators’ implementation of the Marco ALE. These PL opportunities include

  • Teaching in Spanish: Explorando identidades, which analyzes the importance of valuing the diversity of Spanish in bi/multilingual learning spaces
  • Teaching in Spanish: El Marco ALE en acción, which connects the theoretical and pedagogical practices of Spanish language arts instruction

“I participated in the Teaching in Spanish: Explorando Identidades webinar. It was a great experience. Not only did we have the opportunity to learn from the presenter but also the participants in the session. The exercises provided during the webinar helped us understand how there are different ways we can identify ourselves and how Spanish can be interpreted in different ways,” Fatima said.

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